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V DRUM practice pad (V =cheap version )

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V DRUM practice pad (V =cheap version )
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To try all this new stuff you will need a practice set up

I have tryed many pads in my time, some loud ,some quiet ,some just plain hurt after an hour of playing.
After looking at a Vdrum set that cost 3000 i noticed it used the same piezo bugs (see pic,,,radio shack or maplin ) that all the other pads used but this time mounted under firm foam cones to transfer the shock from the mesh head.... mesh heads are nearly silent a big plus!


This realy is the best way to use these piezo bugs ,the head mouted type always snap the wires off with the up and down vibration.
The real V drum mounts a bar across the shell  like a bridged from side to side,the piezo is mounted on the center of that bridge with the cone point just touching the mesh head.
I sat looking at my rototom one day and thought "this already has a bridge an ideal one!!!"      After 20 mins i came up with this ..


A rototom is a pain in the arse to mount so i bought 2nd hand pearl ISO mounts i made a few as well

In this picture you can see the foam block i made out of  Grey water pipe lagging (it comes in long split tubes B&Q) but any hard ish foam would do.
I didnt cut it in to a cone shape i just snipped a few edges off till it just pushed up againt the head.the bug is held on with double sided tape as is the cone.
Before using the piezos and B&Q foam i used DDRUM redshot pickups, now  i would not go back to the DDRUMS  ...... amazing !
TIP the roland Vdrum heads are about 3 times the cost of other brands  
shop around!!!
More pic's at the bottom of this page  :)


i was going to mount the jack socket on a small plate and mout it off one of the tension rods but because it is never moved from home i just taped it up and is fine.
This is an 8" rotatom the 10"s are better i have a 12" as well it works fine but i had the make the foam cone extra long.
i had a 12" as a bass drum pad for a while but it needs 2 pearl mounts to stand up to the hits.